Do you feel like there are enough outlets in your home? Do your guests always ask where they can charge their phones or if your family members have hardly enough space to charge their cellphones, tablets, and laptops then you are not alone. This is a problem almost any homeowner faces as people rely on technology more and more nowadays to keep up with work, emergencies, look up recipes, directions, and many other concerns.

Fortunately, there is one solution to this problem installing USB port hub. Electrical outlet ports, or USB hubs, can be installed in convenient parts of your home, like your kitchen, as an easy way to keep all your devices plugged in, close by, and all in the same place.

The USB port hub allows you to keep pace with the ever-growing demand for access to technology; your cables can be plugged directly into the port without the need for an extension cord. They are ideal in key areas of your home that are used often or where you require access to multiple technologies at once. Call an electrician Guildford right away if you need help installing USB outlets in your home.

We recommend installing your USB port hub in your:

  • Kitchen
  • Home office
  • Family room
  • Bedroom, by the nightstand

Installing a USB port hub in your DC-area home allows for smarter electrical outlet placement. Consider the many benefits:

  • More attractive design. A USB port hub allows you to connect your electronics directly, without unsightly and potentially hazardous power cords, so that the area you charge your devices will look neater and more attractive.
  • Convenience and ease of use. Installing a USB port hub in your kitchen, home office, or bedside tables allows you to create a convenient charging station in the places you need it most. You’ll be able to easily direct guests to a kitchen USB port hub when you entertain at home, and your family will always have access to an outlet to charge key devices, without having to take turns or unplug other appliances.
  • Improved home safety. Eliminating extension cords helps reduce overloaded electrical circuits and the resulting fire hazard. It also gets rid of a major cause of home trip and fall accidents.
  • Power surge protection. Most USB port hubs also include surge protection, just like traditional power strips. This way you don’t have to worry about a surge from an electrical storm or other event causing damage to your electronics.

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